The best time to visit Bhutan is on spring and autumn. But summer and winter have its own exquisiteness and attraction. Bhutan is a year-round destination with its beauty and charm, so it’s entire up to you to decide your trip to Bhutan.

Spring (March, April & May)

Spring is one of the best times to visit Bhutan, when the temperature starts to rise and early spring flowers are abundance. The Rhododendron flowering season starts from March blooming over the mountains.   The valleys become green and flower starts to bloom. In Spring Bhutan has the most favorable weather conditions for any outdoor activities and it also considered the festive season.

Summer (June, July & August)

Summer is the monsoon season in Bhutan, it will be usually warm during this months. There will be light rainfall in the afternoon and every few days, it is unsafe for trekking.

This is also good time if you want have clear look of the Himalayan Mountains and the lush green mountain valleys, green paddy fields and landscape.

Autumn (September, October & November)

This is the time when the entire valley turns into golden color. The farmers harvest their crops in the golden colored paddy fields.  September and October have the highest number of Tshechus(Masked Dance Festival) in Bhutan. October is the most popular time of year for tourism. It is also the best month for hiking and trekking. Skies will clear and temperatures are pleasant and not too hot nor cold, with some great views of the highest mountain peaks.

Winter (December, January & February)

Winter in Bhutan normally runs from December until late February so its very cold. The days are full of sunshine and evening can turn chilly. The snowfalls are common sight in the Bhutan during the winter months. It is the time to witness the view of the world highest Himalayan Mountain ranges covered with snow. It is a popular time to visit to witness the black-necked cranes in beautiful Phobjikha valley that migrates from Tibet nest.

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