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Tours in Bhutan with Local Travel Experts

Nestled in the Himalayas, Bhutan is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. It is a unique and deeply spiritual country with conspicuous mountains, vibrant Buddhist festivals, and captivating traditional culture.  Tourism in Bhutan was promoted to the world three decades ago to persuade our unique culture and traditions. Today, Bhutan is gradually opening up to the contemporary world in its ancient traditions. Bhutan tourism still adheres to the policy of low volume and high-value tourism.

Visit Bhutan to discover and experience the centuries-old tradition and culture, eye-popping mountain ranges, and rich natural environment. Bhutan has many more to offer, tours in Bhutan is really mesmerizing.

Travel to Bhutan with the most experienced and reliable local tour operator providing tailor-made Bhutan tour packages for the individuals and groups traveling to Bhutan. We are a locally owned tour agency approved and certified by the Royal Government of Bhutan and registered under the Tourism Council of Bhutan.

Whether you take a trekking holiday or religious festivals tours, Bhutan cultural tour, or explore remote villages, Bhutan Travel Center gives you an unforgettable experience and offers you the best Bhutan trip. We offer available tours in Bhutan packages ranging from 3 nights to 20 days at the best Bhutan Tour cost.

Come and tour Bhutan with us, we will make your Bhutan travel a lifetime experience.

Visit Bhutan 2022

Bhutan’s amazing landscape and natural sceneries attract visitors from every corner of the world. The land boasts of monasteries, fortresses, steep mountains, subtropical plains, and valleys. It is recognized as ‘The Last Shangri-La’, because of its untouched environment, beauty, and peaceful society. It is a fertile place with a handful of people. Every bend reflects the life and teachings of Buddhism, and it is seen in the Bhutanese lifestyle.

Tour in Bhutan and discover the mystical land which has been endowed with the rich natural beauty and biodiversity. Today, the Himalayan province is one of the most important places of biological significance in the world. Bhutan is known to the natives as Druk Yul (The land of the Thunder Dragon) and is regarded as the last paradise on Earth; experience it by travelling in Bhutan.

Bhutan Tour Packages

Bhutan is a country rich in cultural activities, It holds the most popular tourism activities in Bhutan.  Bhutan Travel is really amazing for the adventures that you can undertake the breathtaking views of the country. We will arrange the best Bhutan tour packages as per your interest and budget. Make your Bhutan tour a lifetime experience.

We arrange numerous Bhutan Tour packages, such as Bhutan Cultural Tours, Bhutan Festival Tours, Bhutan Honeymoon tours, Bhutan Photography Tours, Hiking in Bhutan, Walking Tour in Bhutan, Bhutan Village Tour, Bhutan Walking Tours, Bhutan Birding Tours, Bhutan Yoga Tours, and any other private tours according to your special interest. We have trekking tours ranging from low to high altitude and for the adventure tour we have a River Rafting tour, cycling tours, kayaking, and Wildlife safari tour, So visit Bhutan to be part of it.

Bhutan Cultural Tours

 Bhutan Culture is very unique and intense. It has a strong significance to promote and preserve its beautiful culture and traditions. At Bhutan cultural tour you will explore its enchanting Monastries, Natural Beauty, Arts and Crafts, Indigenous culture, and traditions.

Trekking & Wilderness

Whether you are looking for a day hike or a grueling 31-day adventure, Bhutan has it all. Pristine mountain. Trekking In Bhutan is an exclusive trekking company with years of experience in arranging all treks in Bhutan.

Festival Tours

A Tsechu is a Buddhist festival in honor of Buddhist Saint Padmasambhava, popularly known as ‘Guru Rimpoche’, the saint who was responsible for introducing Buddhism to Bhutan. Tshechu draws hundreds of Bhutanese…

tours to Bhutan

Adventure Tour in Bhutan

Bhutan Adventure Tour is the most exciting and wonderful adventure for nature lovers. Bhutan is packed with charm and adventure with all type of thrilling outdoor activities such as Hiking, Trekking, Kayaking, Mountain Biking, Cycling, and River Rafting.

tours to Bhutan

Hiking and Walking tours in Bhutan takes us through the country’s most spectacular scenery. This is the most famous hiking and walking tour that offers us to explore through beautiful villages and hike to the famous pilgrimage site.

tours to Bhutan

Camping & Homestays

Camping and Homestay tour is the best way to discover witnessing Bhutan’s natural beauty, the majestic natural wonderland, and experience and explore the culture of Bhutan. Camping in Bhutan is the best way to connect with mother nature.

Small-Group Tours in Bhutan

We offer you various popular tours for solo travelers and small groups. With our small group tours, you have more opportunities to explore and experience Bhutanese Historical places, major sightseeing places, visit farmhouses,  traditional villages, and so on. Small group Bhutan tours are the best option to perceive local culture, meet with the local people, experience local lives, and share your experience with like-minded people.

tours in bhutan

Historic Center Bhutan Tour

11 Days / 10 Nights
This in-depth cultural tour offers a rare opportunity to savor the different customs and cultures of the western and central valleys of Bhutan at a leisurely pace.

tours in bhutan

2 Reviews

Thimphu Festival Tour

07 Days / 06 Nights
The Thimphu Festival (Tsechu) is one of the grandest of Bhutan’s festivals and attracts the largest audience. Featuring dances performed by trained monks.

tours in Bhutan

Laya Gasa Trek

18 Days / 17 Nights

Laya Gasa trek is one of the most scenic treks in Bhutan. This trek offers astonishing views of the most pristine and unspoiled landscapes in Bhutan.

Tours in Bhutan

            1 Review

Honeymoon Tours

08 Days / 07 Nights
Bhutan is the most unique and perfect honeymoon destination for honeymoon holidays planner. Explore this beautiful Kingdom in the most romantic ways.

Tours in Bhutan

West & East Bhutan Tour

18 Days / 17 Nights
The best way to explore the Flora and Fauna through East-West Cultural Tour. The east region has diverse photography and natural geography where you…

Tours in Bhutan

Paro Festival

11 Days / 10 Nights
Paro Festival is one of the biggest and most popular festivals in Bhutan which is held on every spring. Featuring dances performed by trained monks and laymen in amazing masks and costumes.

Tours in Bhutan

            1 Review

  Druk Path Trek

09 Days / 08 Nights
Druk Path Trek is one of the most popular short treks in Bhutan.  The trek will take you through a thick alpine forest, dwarf rhododendron trees, and pristine valleys.

Tours in Bhutan

Rural Bhutan Tour

10 Days / 9 Nights
Rural Bhutan Tour is the perfect plan to witness villages and explore remote places. This tour takes us to the countryside of Bhutan where people are into farming and livestocks..

Tours in Bhutan

Cycling Tour

13 Days / 12 Nights
Bhutan’s mountainous terrain offers a fascinating adventure for cycling enthusiasts. The roads wind up and down mountains with exhilarating drops of thousands of meters…

How to Plan your Trip to Bhutan?

Five steps you have to follow in order to plan your trip to Bhutan.

1. Plan Your Itinerary

Take a note of peak and non-peak seasons as there are cost differences. You have to choose any tour as per your interest, we will customize any tour itineraries as per your travel plan. Then you need to decide your travel date and flight sectors. If you are not able to decide, then you can tell us your preferred tour and durations, we will execute the best itinerary for you.

2. Flight Booking

Now you need to decide your preferred travel date and preferred travel route so that we can make a flight reservation accordingly in advance. You need to send us your passport copy to book your flight tickets. Then we will send you your flight reservation itinerary. Accordingly, you can plan your onward flight tickets or you can let us know we will arrange the flights for you.

3. Hotel Booking

Now your hotel will be booked, we provide 3-star hotels and Homestay to our clients. However, If you prefer 4 star and 5 Stars hotels then you have to pay supplement costs. Let us know the hotels of your choice, we will provide you as per your preference.

4. Tour Payment and Visa

Now you need to make the payment to confirm your trip. We will then apply for your visa. You will receive your visa and flight tickets.

5. Make your Journeys to Bhutan

We will send you the final documents consisting of your Visa/Permits, Flight tickets, which you need to carry while traveling to Bhutan. Embark your flight to the land of Happiness.

What our Client’s say about Us?

Bhutan is amazing and loved the culture, the slow pace, and Tigers Nest was the highlight, hotels were not very fancy but gave us the homely feeling, the food, and the trek was superb. We had 4 days of Dagala treks that started from Thimphu alongside the view of a beautiful high altitude lake. The trek was easy and short but there were some steep climbs that were a little difficult. Bhutan travel center had planned well the itinerary for us and we were very happy with their service. We would highly recommend the Bhutan travel center to fellow travelers.

Bhutan is a must see place for its beautiful environment, people and its cleanness. It is also known as carbon negative country. It was wonderful trip with help of Bhutan travel center team. Such young and enthusiastic team made my entire trip fun and lively. I am very much pleased with your services. I loved the culture, the slow pace and Tigers Nest was the highlight, Thanks to my guide Dorji for his assistance he ensured our safe climb up and down to Tiger nest Monastery. We loved the hotels, the food and the tour was superb. Thank you for executing everything well.

 Great Bhutan trip with Bhutan travel center
Our 9 days trip had been arranged well by Mr. Sharma. He customized the program as per our request. Tour guide Yeshi, who is most knowledgeable about the history, culture, and flowers of Bhutan, and driver Pema is very nice and well taken care of us. They made sure that we enjoy lovely our time. We had a memorable trip and a lot of good things about Bhutan. We highly recommended this company to anyone who wants to visit this beautiful country.

Award & Accolade

We are very proud of the award that recognizes the quality and dedication of our service.

We are pleased to be awarded as “Most Promising Tour Operator in Bhutan” presented by Bhutan Global Mice & Luxury Travel leadership Award which was awarded globally by Global MICE & Luxury Travel Congress & Awards.

These achievements have fully manifested our continuous commitment to strive for excellence in arranging tours for people around the world.

This award recognizes our efforts in pursuit of excellence while driving us to serve our customers even better and gives us great encouragement to work harder to do better in the future.


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